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Application: Jet Fuel Pump Test Rig

Replacement Drive: DC590+ Frame size 4


First Built in 1979 by Reliance Electric the DC drive had reliably performed well for 30 + years. The drive was now being a little more problematic during the high speed running. The DC motor had an extended speed range of 5200RPM for the testing of Jet engine fuel pumps. This Rig in particular was used for the Olympus Jet engine used on Concorde and some large ships.

The old main drive was spread across 2 bays with the electronics in the right hand bay (see picture). A new digital 590 Parker SSD (DC590+ Frame size 4) with field integral field controller was installed and the electronic boards removed and functionally programmed into the new DC drive.



The old DC drive had limb fuses behind each thyristor, the new drive requires the right high speed semiconductor fuse supplying L1, L2, L3, with the right I2T and disconnection time. New fuse holders and contactor installed.

Testing comprised of some dynamic speed changes, stopping, starting and load testing with the pump.

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