Forced Ventilation Units

Motor Cooling - Forced Ventilation

Force Ventilation (often referred to as 'Force Vent') units are usually required when the AC motor is running at lower than standard speeds or when a feedback device such as an encoder is fitted in place of the motors standard cooling fan. This Force Ventilation unit allows extended running at lower speeds without causing the motor to overheat. We recommend the fitting of these if you are using a motor with an inverter and will be running at speeds of 50% or less for prolonged periods.

The Forced vent unit will require its own separate power supply (either 230VAC or 415VAC) and will provide a constant supply of air to the motor regardless of the motors turning speed.

Forced Ventilation Units are recommended whenever:

  • The connected motor will be running at lower than standard speeds for any prolonged period
  • The motor will be used with an inverter or an encoder with varying running speeds
  • Your motor will receive less than ideal airflow due to its location

Please call us on 01905 887 667 if you require assistance speccing the correct size of Forced Ventilation Unit for your AC Motor.

Forced Vent