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AC Motors

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AC Motors | Synchronous Motors

Our range of  AC motors can rotate at speeds of up to 3000 RPM (higher for short periods depending on load when used with a VFD) and we offer a variety of options for mounting. Water and dust tight cooling fans mean the operating conditions can be preserved inside the unit in most working environments. Our motors come as standard with Class F insulation. Our AC Motor range are all Inverter rated Motors, so can be used with any of the inverters we supply.

We have access to the largest stock of AC Motors in the UK, so we can provide a motor of up to 315kW on a next day service if required. If you require any assistance selecting your motor, please call us, we use these motors every day in our project and service work, call our team on 01905 887 667.

AC Induction motors are the most common place motors in use in millions of factories worldwide. ACDC Drives can supply any motor up to 315kW to site within 24 hours. We have access to a huge quantity of stock, and since we use these motors ourselves, we can also offer technical support when you are at the selection phase.

All of our motors conform to IEC standards, meaning the mounting points are universal and the frame sizes will match your existing motor if it too is an IEC motor. All of our 3 phase electric motors are rated for use with an inverter .

  • Euro voltage: up to 3kW 230/400V; 4kW and above 400/690V
  • Speeds available 3000rpm (2pole), 1500rpm (4pole), 900rpm (6 pole), 650rpm (8 pole)
  • Inverter rated insulation
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled - TEFC (IP55) water tight and dust tight enclosure
  • Squirrel cage rotor / Aluminum die cast
  • Class F winding insulation all frames
  • Temperature rise: Class B (110 degree)
  • Continuous Duty S1
  • Protective thermistors type PTC (1 per phase)

Motor blown up

Single phase Motors - 110v or 230v

Single Phase motors run from either 110v or a 230v supply. They are supplied mostly into residential markets where the supply is 230v. Due to the fact these motors are a low volume item, they command a slightly higher cost than the equivalent 3 phase version. Single Phase Motors are available in two versions, permanent capacitor or capacitor start capacitor run. Due to the setting they are used in and the maximum current available, Single Phase motors are usually only available up to 3kW. For more information, please visit this page 'Single Phase Motors'.

3 phase Motors - 415v or 690v

3 phase motors are widely available and are used throughout the world in industrial and commercial settings. All of the 3 phase motors we stock are 100% inverter compatible, and have been thoroughly tested by our engineers. With power ratings from 0.25kW all the way through to 315kW available for next day delivery and the added bonus of having technical support on hand or the ability to have the motor integrated into an inverter package or complete system we are well placed to suit you requirements.

Special Build Motors

If you require a motor with an insulated front bearing, an elongated shaft, or any other special requirements, we can help. Our lead times are very low and the cost is kept to a minimum due to the contact we have established. We supply one off modifications, or batches, just drop us a message or an email and we will usually get you a quote within 24 hours.

Which Motor Do I Need?

If you are replacing an existing motor, the motor will usually have a metal plate attached. This plate lists all of the technical specifications of the motor. You can send us a photo of this if you cannot interpret it, and we can spec a replacement motor to suit for you.

The two major differences in motor are the supply, this will either be Single Phase or 3 Phase. Once this has been ascertained, the bullet points below will help determine which motor you require. 

Motor Plate

The basic parameters we need are as follows:

  • Speed (number of poles 2, 4, 6 or 8)
  • Frame Size
  • Mounting
  • Power (kW or HP)
  • Voltage
  • Any special requirements - Double shaft, force vent etc

How Many Poles does my Motor Have?

A motors base speed is usually determined by the number of poles it has. The less poles, the higher the maximum speed, with more poles, the speed decreases, but the torque produced by the motor increases. The table below is a rough guide to the base speeds, these vary due to efficiency differences.

Number of Poles
2 Pole 3000rpm
4 Pole 1500rpm
6 Pole 1000rpm
8 Pole 750rpm

I need a Final Motor Output Speed of...

If the Output speed you require from your motor doesnt match the ones in the chart above, dont worry. By using either an Inverter, or a Motor Gearbox, we can give you a solution for almost any speed you may require. By adding a gearbox, you will also massvely increase the final torque output from your motor. See our Gearbox section for more details.

Motor Gearbox Array

Motor TEC

TEC Motors

TEC are reknowned all over the UK for their affordable motors and fantastic service. Since 2006 TEC have set the trend in the UK market and become the largest Motor stockist. Aside from the standard Aluminium or Cast Iron offerings, we can also supply TEC motors with optional paint finishes, IP rating upgrades, Encoder fitting special voltage rewinds and more.

Motor Crompton

Crompton Greaves

Crompton Motors offer premium features at very affordable prices. As part of the larger CG group, they have expanded their offering of single and three phase motors whilst keeping the costs as low as possible. The Crompton Group have masses of experience within the Power and Industrial sector and this is clear from the construction of their motors. We are proud to offer the APEX series of motors and hold good stock here in the ACDC warehouse.

Motor UM

Universal Motors

Our latest addition to the range, the Universal Motors brand is huge on the continent. With the manufacturing plant based in Portugal, Universal have focused not only on supplying standard motors which move in large volumes, but have kept the ability in their production to respond swiftly and efficiently to the demads for lkow run volumes on special motors. This enables ACDC Drives to offer one offs, or modified motors at very reasonable cost, on much quicker lead times than our competitors. Try us, you WILL be surprised.

Motor Frame Size Chart

We have put together a quick reference table to give you the basic sizes for our motors to see if we are compatible with what you require.

Motor Dimensions Front
Motor Dimensions Side
Frame Size A B H D E
63 100 mm 80 mm 63 mm 11 mm 23 mm
71 112 mm 90 mm 71 mm 14 mm 30 mm
80 125 mm 100 mm 80 mm 19 mm 40 mm
140 mm 100 mm
125 mm
90 mm 24 mm 50 mm
160 mm 112 mm
140 mm
100 mm 28 mm 60 mm
190 mm 114 mm
140 mm
112 mm 28 mm 60 mm
216 mm 140 mm
178 mm
132 mm 38 mm 80 mm
254 mm 210 mm
254 mm
160 mm 42 mm 110 mm
279 mm 241 mm
279 mm
180 mm 48 mm 110 mm
318 mm 267 mm
305 mm
200 mm 55 mm 110 mm
356 mm 286 mm
311 mm
225 mm 60 mm 140 mm
406 mm 311 mm
349 mm
250 mm 70 mm 140 mm
457 mm 368 mm
419 mm
280 mm 80 mm 170 mm
508 mm 406 mm
457 mm
315 mm 85 mm 170 mm
610 mm 500 mm
630 mm
355 mm 85 mm 170 mm

Common Questions About Our Motors

  • Can I run a 3 Phase motor from a Single Phase 230VAC Supply?
  • Yes. With the motor configured in a Delta set up and the correct Inverter, you can run motors up to 4kW from a Single Phase 230VAC supply. See the image to the right (below on mobile devices) to show Star or Delta setups.

  • How do I determine which mount or flange I require?
  • We have an infographic to help you to determine which mount you need. You can find it here. The basic types are Foot, Flange or Foot and Flange.

  • Can you fit Anti-Condensation Heaters to your motors?
  • Yes we can. This would be necessary if your motor is in an environment where it may be subject to atmospheric condensation.

  • Can I Speed Control a 3 Phase Motor?
  • Yes you can. Any of the Inverters in our AC range provide speed control, if you would like help in selecting one, please call us or use the contact us button below.

  • Do you have data sheets for the motors you sell?
  • Yes. Click on any of our motors and in the 'Downloads' section, you will find the relevant data sheets and dimensional drawings.

Star Delta Setup

Why Buy Motors from ACDC Drives?

We use these motors daily, so our knowledge is real and first hand. We design systems and retro fit motor to existing systems. We are also specialists in supplying replacement systems for existing DC setups with fully functioning Ac systems. If you require any help with motors call our sales team today by phone on 01905 887 667.

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