1. Torque - Power

Torque (Ib.in or N.m) = Power / Speed (RPM)
Power (HP or kW) = Torque * Speed

Power Torque Speed Formula Triangle

1a. Torque =

1kw = 1000 watts


1b. Power =



2. 3-Phase Motors

Input Power, Shaft Power, Shaft Torque

2a. Input Power

Input Power kW:

Input Power HP:

2b. Shaft Power

Shaft Power kW:

Shaft Power HP:

2c. Shaft Torque

Shaft Torque N.m:
Shaft Torque Ib/in:


kW - HP
Nm to in/Ibs & ft/Ibs

3a. Convert HP to kW


3b. Convert kW to HP


3c. Convert Nm to ft/lbs & in/lbs

Inch Pounds (in/Ibs):
Foot Pounds (ft/Ibs):

3d. Convert in/lbs to Nm

Newton Meters (Nm):

4. Mechanical Horsepower

4a. Mechanical Horsepower

Mechanical Horsepower:


5a. Hydraulic Pump Flow

Flow (GPM):

5b. Hydraulic Pump Horsepower

Input Horsepower:

Calculator does not account for effieciency loss

5c. Hydraulic Motor Torque

Output Torque (in/Ibs):

5d. Hydraulic Motor Speed

Output Speed (RPM):

6. Gear Reduction For Output Torque And Speed

6a. Gear Reduction For Output Torque And Speed


Output Torque (in/Ibs):
Output Speed (RPM):

6b. Gear Ratio


Output Torque (in/Ibs):
Output Speed (RPM):


7a. Electric Resistance

Resistance Ohms:

7b. Electric Horsepower

Resistance Ohms:

*Calculated values are approximations