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SERVOPACKs - Servo Drives and Servo Motors

Servo systems (a servo drive and matching servo motor are often called a "servo pack") can be used in CNC machining, factory automation and robotics, amongst other things. The main advantage over traditional DC or AC motors is the addition of motor feedback. This feedback can be used to detect unwanted motion or to ensure the accuracy of the commanded motion. The feedback is generally provided by an encoder of some sort. Servos, in constant speed changing use, have a better life cycle than typical AC wound motors. Servo motors can also act as a brake by shunting off generated electricity from the motor itself.

All Servo Motors require a Servo drive sometimes referred to as a Servo amplifier. This unit converts the command signal into a set amount of current which is then fed to the motor. Current is directly proportional to torque, so the servo is controlled by this variable. The speed/torque curve of the motor is the key factor to consider when specifying a replacement motor, or when speccing a complete system. Our technical department can help with this should you require it.

Yaskawa Servo Pack

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