Square Frame Worm Gearbox

Square Framed Right Angle Worm Gearboxes


Fully modular to IEC and compact integrated motor. NEMA C flange.

One-Piece Aluminium Alloy Housing

The casing is vacuum impregnated (MIL-STD 276) for protection and better sealing. No secondary finish is necessary but the case readily accepts paint. Combines lightweight with high tensile strength. Precision machined for better alignment of the bearings and gears.

Single Piece Steel Input Shaft & Worm Shaft

High helix angle worm is case-hardened (Rc 58-60) and then ground with profiled and radiused teeth, this enhances efficiency and reduces noise.

Oversized Bearings

Support is maintained for all rotating parts, this allows for higher shaft speeds and higher shock load capacity - ideal for more frequent starting and reversing of the application.

Premium, Nitrile® high-temperature seals used at both ends.

Square Frame Category

Standard Hollow Output Shaft Mounting

Reduces total drive envelope size, weight and cost. Single and double solid output shafts are also available.

Bronze Alloy Worm Gears

The Worm gear is centrifugally cast onto an iron hub for maximum strength and also an extended operating life.

Impregnated and Machined Bearing Caps

With exterior machined surfaces, this allows for the attachment of a variety of mounting accessories. Extra-deep thread engagement provided for greater support strength. Zinc plated hardware.

Oversized Input Bearings

For increased radial load capacity and maximum hollow output shaft diameter.