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Sep 28, 2021

Testing a new electrical DC drive system at Goonhilly Earth Station

Time lapse video of us testing a new electrical DC drive system at Goonhilly Earth Station. Designed, installed and commissioned...
Jan 29, 2020

Reconfigure Your Motor Windings – Star or Delta

Wondering why your motor has two voltages? Want to swap from Star to Delta or Delta to Star, this tutorial will help! [Read More...]
Jan 06, 2020

Budget Pendant and Parker AC10

Quick Start Guide This setup guide will get you up and running in no time. Bought an ACDC Drives Budget Pendant and the Parker AC10 Inverter? Parameters and setup here. Budget Inverter Pendant BUY HERE [Read More...]
Jun 17, 2019

Why Choose IE3 Motors Over IE2?

When purchasing a motor, you might wonder, should I buy an IE1, IE2 or an IE3 motor. If so, this infographic will clear up any queries you have regarding the benefits of choosing an IE3 [Read More...]
Apr 02, 2019

What are IP66, IP20 or IP55? IP Ratings Explained…

What is an IP Rating? IP stands for Ingress Protection. Ratings are defined in international standard EN 60529. They essentially state the electronic’s durability in terms of how its resistance against foreign bodies such as [Read More...]
Feb 25, 2019

Run Your 3 Phase Motor From A Single Phase (230VAC) Supply!

Looking to run your 3 phase motor or machine from a single phase supply? We have a kit that allows you to do just that! See it here! [Read More...]
Oct 19, 2017

Titan Slitter Main DC Drive Upgrade

The Titan Slitter 590C/350/9/0/01/1/00 series 2 DC main drive was coming up with comms error and used RS422 communications with the main Titan computer.  Besides sourcing second hand spares it kept on failing on comms [Read More...]