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The Titan Slitter 590C/350/9/0/01/1/00 series 2 DC main drive was coming up with comms error and used RS422 communications with the main Titan computer.  Besides sourcing second hand spares it kept on failing on comms error.  The drive ran the main motor a Lenze GFQU 100-22 2950 RPM 27.5 Amp Armature 1.3 Field. The footprint of the new 590P drive was different and the wires changed to fit the new layout of the terminals.

TITAN Slitting Machine


The new motor details where in programmed in the new 590P/0035/500 and commissioned with the operator’s trialling in production. Lines speeds form the 590 DC drive are sent out to the top and bottom winders drives via the analogue I/O.

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