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Quick Start Guide


This setup guide will get you up and running in no time. Bought an ACDC Drives Budget Pendant and the Parker AC10 Inverter? Parameters and setup here.

Step 1

Download the manual appropriate for the AC10 you have (IP20 or IP66).

Please Note: This will give you the full technical instructions. Familiarise yourself with the drive and make sure you are competent. The installer must be competent. All warning and precautions are explained in the Parker Manual and must be observed. Final parameters are the responsibility of the installer and will be specific to your application.

Step 2

Connect the inverter to your motor and to a power supply. Use the Wiring Diagram found here to do this. Use Page 1 for the Parker AC10.


Step 3

Input the parameters below on the AC10 Inverter. This will configure the drive to accept its control commands from the remote pendant rather than the keys on the front of the drive.

  1. F208 Three wire operation = 4
  2. F317 Terminal X = 17
  3. F318 INPUT = 15
  4. F319 INPUT = 16
  5. F203 = 1

Motor Dependent Parameters

  1. F800 Autotune 0= None, 1 = Rotating, 2 = Stationary
  2. F801 Rated motor power kW
  3. F802 Motor rated voltage
  4. F803 Motor Rated current
  5. F804 Number of poles
  6. F805 Rated Rotary Speed
  7. F114 Acceleration
  8. F115 Deceleration 
  9. F111 Max frequency speed
  10. F112 Min Frequency speed
  11. F160 Reset Parameter to factory settings = 1 then press the red reset button


  • Green = DI3 N/O start
  • Brown = DI3 N/C stop
  • Blue = DI4 FWD/ REV
  • White = 24 v Common
  • Red = +10V
  • Yellow = AI1
  • Black = GND

Step 4

Ensure the motor behaves in the way you expect by testing the buttons and pot on the remote pendant.

Congratulations – You should now have your AC10 and Budget Remote setup!