Servo Drives

Digitax HD M751-03200160A10 4kW 240VAC 3PH

Control Techniques


Digitax HD M751-03200160A10 2.2kW 240VAC 1PH

Control Techniques


Digitax HD M751-02400105A10 4kW 480VAC 3PH

Control Techniques


Digitax HD M751-02400080A10 3kW 480VAC 3PH

Control Techniques


Digitax HD M751-02400060A10 2.2kW 480VAC 3PH

Control Techniques


Digitax HD M751-02200120A10 1.5kW 240VAC 1PH

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Digitax HD M751-02200090A10 2.2kW 240VAC 3PH

Control Techniques


Digitax HD M751-02200090A10 1.1kW 240VAC 1PH

Control Techniques


Digitax HD M751-01400045A10 1.5kW 480VAC 3PH

Control Techniques


Digitax HD M751-01200065A10 1.1kW 240VAC 3PH

Control Techniques


Digitax HD M751-01200065A10 0.75kW 240VAC 1PH

Control Techniques


Types of Servo Drive

There are two main types of servo amplifiers used, these are Linear Servo Amplifiers and Pulse Width Modulated Amplifiers.

Linear Amplifiers are usually used in applications requiring less than 100 watts, or when the input cannot be switched due to the limitations of other parts of the system. These types of servo amplifier generally run hotter.

PWM Servo Amplifiers switch the voltages on and off at high speed to acheive the avearage target voltage. This results in a more energy efficient servo drive and also creates far less heat. These are far more common than the linear amplifiers mentioned previously.

Modern Servo Drive Features

Most modern Digital Servo Drives include built in communications interfaces. These interfaces allow for full system control over standard fieldbus netwokrs, allowing the operator to fine tune the entire system from one screen. These drives also feature self tuning, with parameters set and stored on the drive which are then used to auto adjust on the fly.

Digital Servo Drives also offer far higher bandwidth than analogue systems, allowing for far better control and much better control of position, velocity and torque.

Yaskawa Drives

Yaskawa Servo Drives Range

Yaskawa Servo Drives are equipped with a range of software commissioning and tuning tools, this is for your benefit to achieve full functionality right out of the box. Yaskawa servo drives also come as SERVOPACKS that come with a servo drive and a servo motor to reduce commissioning times and increase productivity. Should you require a Yaskawa Servo Pack, please contact us on 01905 887667.

The Yaskawa SGD7S single axis amplifier has a 100V, 200V, and 400V with a 50 W - 15kW operating range. The SGD7W dual axis amplifier controls two servo axes with only one amplifier, this results in lower cost and reduces component count. It runs on either 200V or 400V, it also features a regenerative power feature conserves energy.

The Yaskawa SDG5 servo drive offers a slightly lighter feature set than its bigger brother, but still offers network capability and digital control. 

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Yaskawa Digital Servo Application Features

Yaskawa Servo Drives are engineered to reduce the side effects that reduce the performance, such as; Vibration, Ripples, Resonance, Friction, Electromagnetic Interference.


Yaskawa has engineered a solution to vibration in the servo drives & servopacks, the new technology; Yaskawa Vibration Suppression, samples the equipments natural oscillations and uses compensating frequencies to cancel them out.


Motor cogging effects are removed in the Sigma-7 Servo drives and Servopacks by Ripple Compensation. This is an important feature for systems that require minimum settling time and precise positioning.


Sigma-7 amplifiers have twice as many anti-resonance filters to more effectively repress a servo systems natural medium frequency resonances.


Coulomb friction variables are effectivly addressed in the yaskawa servo drives and servopacks by the friction model compensation. This elecits smooth start-up action in low speed or high rigidity machines.


Electromagnetic Interference

The number of interference filters has been increased by 225% to counteract losses caused by data dropouts, EMI interference and artifacts from long cable runs.

Sigma 5 Servo Drives

The Sigma 5 yaskawa servo drives are fully digital networkable amplifiers with modular connection to single-axis controls. 30 W - 50kW power range with 100-400VAC Operation.


Sigma 7 Servo Drives

The Sigma 7 yaskawa servo drives are also fully digital, networkable servo amplifiers that offer the output needed for precise high speed actuation of one or two axes of servo motor motion. The power options range from 30W - 55kW with 100/200 and 400VAC operation.


Control Techniques Servo Drives

Flexible Servo Drive Solutions

Control Techniques servo drive range offers both flexibility and performance in a very compact package. With a variety of fully integrated drives from 0.2kW through to 2.8MW Control Techniques can offer a servo drive to suit your requirements. With integrated PLC technology and a full suite of performance matched motors, this is a fully scalable range.

Control Techniques

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Control Techniques Servo Drive Range

Unidrive M700

Control Techniques M700

Unidrive M700 packs in a high-performance drive with an extended power range. It is the ideal option for continuous duty applications where precise, constant torque is required.

Digitax HD

Control Techniques Digitax HD

The new Digitax HD range brings ultimate performance to high dynamic, pulse duty applications, where high peak torque is required for fast acceleration.

Standalone & Modular Servo Drives

Maximise efficiency with accurate control

Optimised for high dynamic applications and with high speed control loops, Digitax HD is one of the best performing servo drives on the market today. This means maximum throughput and product quality from your machines.

  • 300% peak current performance
  • Optimised control loops for high dynamic performance
  • Unique 'Dead Beat' current controller for maximum bandwidth
  • Up to 16 kHz switching frequency
  • Notch filter for suppression of mechanical resonances
Control Techniques Digitax HD

Improved accuracy through precision encoder feedback

Flexible speed and position feedback interface supports a wide range of feedback technologies, from robust resolvers to high resolution encoders.

  • Up to three onboard encoder channels simultaneously
  • Quadrature, SinCos (including absolute), SSI, BiSS, EnDat (up to 4 Mb with EnDat 2.2) and resolvers
  • Simulated encoder output can provide position reference for CAMs, digital lock and electronic gearbox
  • Up to 25 bit encoder resolution
  • Feedback accuracy as low as +-20

Digitax HD Series reduce cabinet height by directly stacking rows of drives. Control Techniques’ patented Ultraflow™ technology expels heat directly outside of the cabinet through the rear of the drive* and removes heat build-up in the cabinet.
Combined with conformal coating, Ultraflow™ minimizes contamination risk as a result of guided internal airfl ow, which prevents ingress on drive circuits.
An intelligently controlled fan minimizes acoustic noise and optimizes fan lifetime, while contributing to the maximum thermal cooling by Ultraflow™.
Ultraflow™ requires only a 32 mm hole in the cabinet meaning rapid, trouble-free installation

How big is the Digital HD Servo Drive?


Dimensions(mm) Width Height Length Nominal Current (400v) Peak Current (400v)
Frame 1 40mm 174mm 233mm 4.2 A 12.6 A
Frame 2 40mm 174mm 278mm 10.5 A 31.5 A
Frame 3 40mm 174mm 328mm 16 A 48 A

Why buy Servo Drives From ACDC Drives?

With a combined 85 years in the industry, our technical team can assist you with single servo drive appliactions or fully integrated Servo Systems. If you would like to enquire, please either call us or drop us an email and we will help get you up and running.

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