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We supply the full range of EMAS Buttons. With such a huge variety available, combined with the ability to buy single units or OEM quantities, we are well placed to serve you. 

What are Industrial Push Buttons?

A Push Button can be made from various materials, metal, plastic and either with or without a bezel. They are used in industrial control applications and can be found on control stations or built into control panels. Some will be illuminated to show the status of the equipment they control, whilst others will latch or click when operated.

The buttons themselves are various sizes, most suited to ease of operation. They are measured by their diameter in mm's in most cases and are sometimes given an IP rating which will indicate the resilience to dirt or moisture ingress.

A Pushbutton will usually have three different operation states: start, stop or emergency stop. Buttons are different internally to switches in the way they operate and terminate. They are more suited to high current or voltages than switches.

If you have any questions specific to your application, please ask.

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