What Is A Thyristor?

A thyristor is a four-layer semiconductor device, it consists of alternating P-type and N-type materials. They normally have three electrodes: an anode, a cathode and a gate.

The most common type is a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR). When the cathode is negatively charged, no current flows until a pulse is applied to the gate. Then the SCR begins to conduct and continues to do so until the voltage between the cathode and the anode is reversed. This type of thyristor can be used to switch or control large amounts of power using a small ‘triggering’ current.

Thyristors are commonly used in motor speed controls, light dimmers, pressure control systems and liquid level regulators.

Thyristors for DC Drives

A DC Thyristor drive is a motor drive circuit where AC supply current is regulated by a thyristor phase control to provide variable voltage to a DC motor.

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