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Sprint Electric DC Drives

Sprint Electric - DC Drive Range

Sprint Electrics innovative DC drive and AC slip ring drive solutions are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of countless industrial motor control applications around the globe. Sprint Electric's products have been designed to increase productivity, save space and reduce downtime. The range of products is designed both for new motor control applications as well retrofitting and upgrading existing applications. Applications include those in the metals, paper, plastics, lifts, hoists, cranes, entertainment, material handling, printing, wire and cable industries.

Sprint Electric is a UK based company, founded in 1987, and have been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise, one of the most prestigious awards for any business in the UK.

Sprint Family

Sprint PL/X Drives

Sprint PLX

The Sprint PL and PLX series DC Drive is a fully digital DC drive system providing 5kW – 980kW output power. Available in 2Q (single direction) and 4Q (fully regenerative) variants, the range comprises 5 compact chassis sizes with models rated from 12A to 2250A output current. The Sprint PL or Sprint PLX boasts an extremely versatile operating input voltage range of 12V – 500VAC as standard. Options are available for 600V and 690VAC input.

The Sprint PL/X boasts the best power density from any comparable DC Drive on the market. All models include a 40-character alphanumeric backlit display that makes it easier to quickly navigate through an extensive range of software functions.

Sprint SL/X Drives

Sprint SLX

The Sprint SL and SLX range provides 2Q / 4Q operation across 11 models from 5kW – 145kW output power.

The 4Q models improve your energy efficiency by regenerating energy into the mains supply whilst under braking. The energy invested in accelerating the load mass is recovered when braking. No dissipation of energy in wasteful braking resistors. With fully isolated control electronics and a wealth of I/O, the Sprint SL/X is easy for you to integrate with other drives and equipment. The SL/X has a built-in field weakener for extended speed range to allow you greater control of high motor speed applications.

Sprint SLE Drives

Sprint SLE

The Sprint SLE Series comprises a range of analogue 2Q / 4Q DC Drives delivering output current up to 330A to control motors up to 145kW.

For users who prefer or require analogue control loops, the SLE Series provides an economical, compact and reliable control platform. The Sprint SLE drive has been specifically designed at a cost and size to benefit OEMs without any compromise in specification, reliability or performance.

Its compact footprint (250mm x 204mm) enables additional savings and ensures easy integration within new designs or trouble-free installation when retrofitting

Sprint PL/XD Drives

Sprint PLXD

The Sprint PLXD is designed to be used with external thyristor stacks usually of high power. The unit comes with all the features of the PLX range and the same menu driven system. The Sprint PLXD can cope with armature voltages up to 1000 VDC and can be calibrated to suit the users CT's with the facility to be set to 30,000 Amps using the correct current transformer ratios and resistor burden values.

The field as standard can drive upto 50 Amps and is taken from the EL1, EL2, EL3 supply located at the top of the unit. The final correct field current or voltage for the DC motor is determined by the menu calibration settings.

This is a compact unit that makes it easy to install next to the main thyristor stack thus helping to keep cable runs to a minimum.

Sprint Electric DC Compact Range

Sprint Chassis Mount 1Q Drives

Sprint 1Q Chassis

The Open Chassis-Mount Sprint DC Drives provide a more advanced 1Q option for motors rated up to 3.7/4/8/12/16/32/48A output current (0.55 up to 11kW motor power). The 370, 400, 400i, 800, 1200, 1600i Open Chassis-Mount DC Drives are available with 110-240VAC input as standard (3200i has 240-415VAC input as standard) and a 30-60VAC low voltage option providing 24 – 48VDC output.

All models except the 370 feature the Sprint micro analogue processor which provides many user benefits normally only seen in expensive “high end” products. The Sprint DC micro analogue processor allows for cost saving solutions by meeting the users' exact requirements and enhancing process performance.

Sprint Chassis Mount 4Q Drives

Sprint 4Q Chassis

The Open Chassis-Mount Sprint 3600XRi DC Drive is designed to meet the most demanding of process line applications. The advanced 4Q regenerative drive allows motoring and braking in both directions of rotation. Sprint Electric 3600XRi DC Drive provides an option for motors rated up to 36A output current (9.5kW motor power).

The Sprint 3600XRi is available with 110-240VAC (1ph) and 240 – 415VAC (2ph) inputs across the range and both low voltage input options of 30-60VAC and 24-48VAC providing 18 – 48VDC output.

Sprint 340 / 680 / 1220 DC Drives

Sprint 680

The Sprint 340, 680 & 1220 Series comprise ultra compact DIN rail mounted 1Q or 4Q DC Drives. This comprehensive range offers both non-isolated and isolated drives up to 12.2A output current, suitable for DC motors up to 1.8kW (2.0Hp) output power.

The product range is available with a wide range of input voltage options, from the standard 110 – 240VAC through to 30V – 60VAC options that can provide output voltage down to 24VDC. The 340/680/1220 Series is an ideal low-cost drive solution to control small brushed or permanent magnet DC motors.

Sprint XLV Series

Sprint XLV

The Sprint XLV Series is a fast response, linear DC motor speed controller for driving small low voltage brushed DC motors from 2A – 12A output power. The Sprint XLV will motor and brake in both directions of rotation and operates from a single polarity supply, either battery or unregulated DC Source. Excellent performance allows the XLV series to meet the most demanding of applications. The extensive specification includes many standard features not normally associated with a drive the size and cost of the Sprint XLV.

Why buy Sprint Electric DC Drives From Us?

We are a Registered Distributor for Sprint Electric and have a great working relationship with the guys at Sprint. Having worked together on a number of large projects, and also having stocked their range since 2004, we have a great knowledge of the DC Drives they offer, and where we dont know the answer, we can get the info to you very quickly.

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