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DC Drives

DC Drives and DC Motor Controllers

The SPRINT DC Drive product range can be used to control DC shunt and DC permanent magnet motors and offers a wider choice of variable speed DC drives than any other manufacturer. The SPRINT ELECTRIC range has over 50 models with armature current ratings up to 2250 Amps. The Parker 590 and 590P are also available up to 2700 Amps and offer state of the art 32-bit control architecture.

For higher armature currents (up to 4000 Amps) we can offer a Digital, DC stack driver unit with external thyristor stack. Both the Analog and Digital, 1 and 4 quadrant, variable speed drives (VSD) have an internal field controller and universal speed feedback inputs (pulse encoder, tacho and armature voltage).

Analog DC Drives: The Din-rail mounted analog Series (ER 340/680/1220) is available for armature currents from 3.4A up to 12.2A in both 1 and 4 quadrant, non-isolated and isolated versions. The panel mounted analog Series (3200i and 3600XRi) is available for armature currents from 4A up to 48A in both 1 and 4 quadrant isolated versions.

Digital DC Drives: This range is probably the most powerful drive on the market today including 2 quadrant (PL models) and 4 quadrant versions (all PLX models), internal field controller and fully programmable function blocks and soft wiring. (PL / PLX). A number of predefined application function blocks are available as standard for winders, section control, diameter calculation, etc. Armature Current outputs are available up to 2250 Amps. The optional Fieldbus communication can be used for complete system integration.

For any queries you may have regarding these products, please contact the office on 01905 887 667.

Sprint Electric

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Sprint Electric DC Drives offer solutions for the full range of speed control on DC applications. Manufactured and designed in the UK, these products can be supplied extremely quickly.


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The Parker 590 DC Drives build upon the highly successful DC590+ drive, used in thousands of applications worldwide. The new drive with its 32-Bit control architecture, allows for an even greater deal of control.

Plastic - Extruders

With systems using DC motors up to 600kW to force molten plastic through a die, the systems require precise speed control to ensure quality in the final product. Sprint Electric Digital DC Drives feature high end, high bandwidth speed control, allowing for fine tuning of speed. All of the Digital DC Drives can be used with IIoT, to provide real time diagnostics or control. We can supply the correct drive for your application, or design the whole system for you.



Plastic - Sheet Reeler

The plastic sheet is usually pulled from the extruder and then wound on to a reel. This requires variable torque due to the change in diameter of the reel, and also speed control. These lines are frequently powered by DC motors. Sprint Digital DC Drives offer pre programmed function blocks, specifically designed for diameter, speed and torque, to ensure a constant tension is kept and an even wrap. Sprint Digital Drives can also act as PLC's and provide control to the reeler and all associated machines in the system.

Regenerative Test Rigs

Chassis dynamometer testing usually employs one drive and motor per test unit axle or wheel, depending on the type of testing being performed. Typical power ranges are in the order of 7.3 to 7300 kW. Regeneration is often a key requirement. This means that the drive is able to regenerate electric power when the motor is absorbing energy or providing a load, returning this energy to the supply and reducing operational costs. The energy can also be recycled between drives, again reducing energy requirements.

Regenerative Test Bed

Dyno Machine

Wind Tunnels & Rolling Roads

Wind Tunnel applications can be extremely complex. Due to the forces and variables involved, system design can be very difficult. We have refitted and designed several systems using 12 Pulse thyristor DC Drives. These were all built to EN60204/1. The Parker SSD 590 series were chosen because of their 4 quadrant (regenerative) capabilities and the ability for rapid speed changes. Additional interlocks were interfaced to the drives, with software monitoring set up to check things such as air-flow, air temperatures and  bearing temperatures. 

Why Buy from ACDC Drives?

Our knowledge of DC Drives is second to none in the UK. We have designed and commissioned systems ranging from 1kW to several megawatts. We keep stock of all Sprint products on the shelf, so if you need it next day it is no problem! We all know that in the modern workplace often things are needed as fast as possible. That is where we can help. We can also get engineers out to site, or offer technical support when selecting your drive. Call our sales team today by phone on 01905 887 667.

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