AC Motors - All Sizes And Types

We offer a range of AC motors from a variety of manufacturers, offering something to suit all requirements. We have access to the largest stock of AC Motors available in the UK, so we can provide a motor from 0.75kW all the way up to 315kW - same day service if required!


We offer technical support when you are at the selection phase with your motor, or designing a new application from scratch. Having been involved with many projects and with engineers on hand, we can help with any idea you may have. Our projects so far include Wind Tunnels, Dyno Rigs, Wind Turbines, Hydro-Electric Plants, Factory floor refits and many many more, so we can help.

From standard off the shelf motors to one-off specials designed from scratch for an OEM, we have the motor to suit.

All of our standard stocked motors conform to IEC standards, meaning the mounting points are universal and the frame sizes will match your existing motor if it too is an IEC motor. All of our 3 phase electric motors are rated for use with an inverter.

Single-phase Motors - 110v or 230v

Single Phase motors run from either 110v or a 230v supply. They are supplied mostly into residential markets where the supply is 230v. Due to the fact these motors are a low volume item, they command a slightly higher cost than the equivalent 3 phase version. Single Phase Motors are available in two versions, permanent capacitor or capacitor start capacitor run. Due to the setting, they are used in and the maximum current available, Single Phase motors are usually only available up to 3kW. For more information, please visit this page 'Single Phase Motors'.

3 phase Motors - 415v or 690v

3 phase motors are widely available and are used throughout the world in industrial and commercial settings. All of the 3 phase motors we stock are 100% inverter compatible and have been thoroughly tested by our engineers. With power ratings from 0.25kW all the way through to 315kW, available for next day delivery and the added bonus of having technical support on hand or the ability to have the motor integrated into an inverter package or complete system, we are well placed to suit your requirements.

Special Build Motors

If you require a motor with an insulated front bearing, an elongated shaft, or any other