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Inverter Control Kits - Want to run a 3 phase machine on a single phase supply?

We designed these kits in response to the many enquiries received from home users wanting to convert a 3 Phase piece of machinery - Milling Machines, Lathes, Compressors etc - to Single phase 230VAC. Having converted our own milling machine, and building a kit to do so, we decided to offer these here on the ACDC Website, and they have proven to be very popular.

These kits are preconfigured. The drive parameters are preset in our workshop to match the control pendant. This results in an inverter kit that is as close to plug an play as possible.

Control Kit Includes:

  • 3 Phase Motor - A TECA Aluminium 3 Phase Motor configured in Delta so it will run with the Inverter from a Single Phase 230VAC Supply
  • Control Pendant - Built from top quality Schneider components with a 2m long flying lead (can be made to custom lengths), this gives the user Start/Stop, Forward, Reverse, and a Potentiometer to fine tune speed.
  • Parker Inverter - An Industrial grade AC Inverter, pre programmed to match the motor supplied and the pendant, allowing dynamic braking of the motor, ramp up speeds and a host of other functions.
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Kit Components

Parker AC10 Inverter

This little AC Inverter allows a 3 Phase motor up to 2.2kW to be powered from a 230VAC Single Phase supply. It is equipped with several nice features, that make it great for use on lathes and milling machines.

AC10 Features Include:

  • 150 % overload for 60 seconds at 0.5 Hz to provide extra starting torque for shifting high inertia loads
  • 4 LEDs provide instant indication of drive status
  • Freely assignable digital inputs and outputs, and relay output to suit your application needs
  • Analogue inputs & outputs for connection to speed potentiometers and panel meters

Inverter Control Pendant

Our Pendant is a custom ACDC part, built in house to suit this kit. It uses only industrial grade parts, most of which are sourced from Schnieder a well known high end brand. The Potentiometer allows for 0-100% speed control, and the Stop button can be set to stop the motor quickly, utilising the brake feature, or to coast to stop.

TEC Motor

The motor can be selected to give higher top speeds (up to 3000rpm) or higher Torque (6 Pole 1000rpm) depending on the application. Using a 3 Phase Motor in a delta confguration gives a smoother and quieter motor than its Single Phase equivalent.

Need a Kit but want custom features?

We can custom build Pendants, change the configuration of the Inverter, supply special motors, or just add a longer flying lead to the kit. If you like the idea, but want a customised soultion, just give us a call on 01905 887 667 or drop us an email by using the contact us link below, detailing what you would like and we wil get back to you as soon as possible with a price and lead time. Our staff will be happy to assist you in getting the right products for your needs and budget.

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