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3 Phase Aluminium Motors

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Showing 1 to 24 of 567 (24 Pages)

Buy Your 3 Phase Aluminium Motor Here

Our range of aluminium motors offers a great compromise between weight and efficiency. Available as standard with class F insulation and thermistors to prevent issues with overheating, they are perfect for a wide variety of applications including industrial use. All aluminium motors are multi-mount design and conform to standard IEC mounting dimensions meaning they can be swapped out with any other manufacturer who adheres to the IEC standard.

3 Phase Bearings

Aluminium 3 Phase Motor vs Cast Iron

Where weight is an important factor in the design of your application, using an aluminium induction motor can save you up to 30% over a cast iron motor of the equivalent size and rating. Our Aluminium range of motors is available from 0.18kW up to 37kW and in frame sizes up to Frame 200.

3 Phase Bearings

All of our aluminium motors feature sealed for life bearings, meaning that servicing can be kept to a minimum. The fan and cowls are also separate units which can be replaced if damaged, without replacing the entire motor. All TEC Aluminium Motors feature cast feet which can be moved to change the orientation of the terminal box. Our Crompton Aluminium motors feature pressed feet which can offer a little more flexibility in environments where a motor may be moved to several locations.

Where Would I Use An Aluminium Motor?

As previously stated where weight saving is important the aluminium motor offering would be advantageous. These motors are often used in water treatment facilities and HVAC systems as they offer superior resistance to corrosion. All motors are IP55 rated. Should you require a higher rating please see our range of ATEX Motors.

3 Phase Bearings

Can I Use The Motors With An Inverter?

All motors in our range are inverter compatible and include the appropriate ratings on the name-plate on the side of the motor. Please note that if the motor will be used to run at low speeds with an inverter for periods longer than a few seconds, the standard fan will not provide enough flow and you will require a Forced Vent Unit which will run off a separate supply.

3 Phase Bearings

Why Buy Aluminium Motors from ACDC Drives?

We keep all Motors up to 37kW  on the shelf, so if you need it next day it is no problem! We all know that in the modern workplace often things are needed as fast as possible. That is where we can help. We can also get enigineers out to site, to carry out surveys, or to install and commission motors on existing or new applications. Call our sales team today by phone on 01905 887 667.

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