Sprint PL900MV Three Phase - 900KW - 2Q Isolated

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Sprint PL900MV / PL900TEMV / PL900BEMV Medium Voltage up to 600VAC - Controller for DC motors rated up to 2050A (900KW / 1200HP) - Frame Five - 64A Field Current as Standard

Take control of the most demanding motor control applications, With a Sprint Electric PL900MV Digital 3 phase DC Drive 2 Quadrant PL, you can use the PL900MV to control DC motors up to 2050A (900KW / 1200HP).

Ease of Control

A 4 button keypad and large alpha-numeric display make it easier to quickly navigate through an extensive range of software functions.

Frame 1 Sized AC10

Fully Configurable

The Sprint PL is fully configurable by the user and comes equipped, as standard, with a comprehensive suite of application blocks.

Fully Controllable

Centre winding macros, spindle orientation and a fully controllable field allow you to control DC motors in a wide range of industrial applications. The Sprint PL also includes PL Pilot, a windows based, configuration and monitoring software package.



Motor Protection

The extensive range of motor protection features improves your productivity by reducing your downtime. And the unique configuration checker quickly detects any conflicts in your own user-generated configurations.


Technical Specifications - Sprint PL900MV

At a glance: Model PL900MV

  • 2 Quadrant PL
  • Control DC motors up to 2050Amps (900KW / 1200HP)
  • "PL Pilot" drive configuration and monitoring software included
  • Alternative 'Savvy' configuration tool with signal flow diagram capability available
  • Ultra compact sizes offer significant panel space savings over other manufacturers
  • Large 40 character backlit alphanumeric LCD display
  • Programming menu is designed for rapid travel to desired parameter using ergonomically designed keys
  • Enhanced motor protection
  • Built in suite of application blocks
  • In depth fault monitoring and comprehensive system alarms
  • Easy-to-use menu structure, using English language parameter names
  • Real language parameter description eliminates need for look up tables
  • Easy to use product manual with display graphics and block diagrams
  • UL, CuL and CE approved

Supply voltages required for This model - The supplies provided must be suitable for the motor employed

  1. Main 3 phase 50 - 6OHz - Any supply from 12 to 600V AC +/- 10% for armature power.
  2. Auxiliary 3 phase 50 - 6OHz - Any supply from 100 to 600V AC +/- 10% for field power.
  3. Control 1 phase 50 - 60Hz - Any supply from 110 to 240V AC+/- 10% 50VA. This is required to power the PL/X electronic circuits.

Technical highlights: Model PL900MV

  • I/P's programmable voltage range up to +/- 30V
  • 8 Analogue inputs and 4 Analogue outputs
  • Extremely flexible block diagram including unique 'configuration checker', detects conflicts in user programmed configurations
  • Five feedback transducer options as standard
  • Non volatile trip alarm memory, even after power-down
  • Built in 'oscilloscope' output for full parameter monitoring during commissioning
  • Motorised pot simulator with power off memory
  • Three fully independent, user programmable drive configurations
  • Extensive, multi-function programmable I/O, with over 36 digital & analogue input/output combinations
  • Full suite of centre winding macros included
  • Built in system application blocks with descriptive connection points
  • Unique electronic regenerative stopping facility on selected 2Q models
  • In depth fault monitoring and comprehensive system alarms
  • Serial communications to allow off site programming and remote diagnostics
  • In depth diagnostic facility available from on board display and 'in-built meter'
  • On board fully controlled field with five operating modes
  • Full suite of built in encoder functions as standard, including spindle orientation
  • Motor parameters entered via keys, - no soldering of cal resistors required

Simple Integration

To make it easier for you to integrate the Sprint PL into your control system, the drives are fully isolated and have a small footprint. The Sprint PL has a number of fieldbus communications options, including: Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, Modbus and CANopen.

Powerful Ethernet

All Sprint PL models are compatible with drive.web. The drive.web distributed control technology uses Ethernet and powerful graphical tools to provide robust Programmable Peer Control (PPC) for drives and systems.

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Sprint PL900MV Three Phase - 900KW - 2Q Isolated