Sprint 370E - 0.37KW - Enclosed 1Q Fully Isolated

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Sprint 370E - Ultra Compact Enclosed DC Motor Control 230V / 110V

0.50kW Enclosed DC Drive - Model 370E - 3.7 Amps (0.50KW/60Hz) - Manufacturers Part Number: 370E

Dynamic & Advanced

The DC Drives with Enclosures provide a more advanced 1Q control option for motors rated up to 3.7Amps output current 0.50kW motor power. The 370E DC Drive enclosure is available with 110-240VAC input as standard (and an optional 30-60VAC low voltage option providing 24 – 48VDC output). Models include:- IP40 protection, mains on/off switch, dual voltage supply, fully fused, zero speed interlocked reversing(ER only), dynamic braking (ER Only), set speed potentiometer with graduated scale.

Enclosed Drive

Specifications at a glance:

  • Adjustable IR compensation for improved AVF speed regulation
  • Sophisticated dual loop control
  • Set speed potentiometer with graduated scale
  • Electronic soft start Drive run input
  • Suitable for permanent magnet, shunt wound or universal motors

User Adjustable


  • Minimum Motor Speed
  • Maximun Motor Speed
  • Armature Current
  • Acceleration Rate
  • IR Compensation
Technical Highlights

Technical highlights:

  • For DC motors rated up to 3.7 Amps
  • Integral AC supply fuse
  • Selectable dual international voltage supply 110/240V AC 50/60HZ
  • Adjustable current overload protection
  • Tachogenerator or armature voltage speed feedback Adjustable acceleration rate between 1 and 20 seconds On/Off AC supply
  • illuminated rocker switch


Simple, reliable and compact. Make controlling DC motors easier with adjustable parameters including: minimum and maximum motor speed, armature current, up ramp and IR compensation.

Low voltage 30/60V AC supply version available for 24/48V DC motors

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Sprint 370E - 0.37KW - Enclosed 1Q Fully Isolated