Control Techniques

Founded in 1972 in Newtown Wales, Control Techniques are the largest drive manufacturer in the UK. Their vision was to provide a new drive that met the needs of the market!

Control Techniques - We are drive obsessed

Offering a wide range of inverters from such models as;

- Powerdrive F300 inverter
- Unidrive HS30 inverter
- Unidrive M400 inverter
- Unidrive M600 inverter
- Unidrive M700 inverter
- DFS Series inverter
- Commander C inverter
- Commander S Inverter

Control Techniques line of business incorporates manufacturing, design, and marketing of drives for controlling electric motors. Control Techniques VFDs or Inverters product range help cover a wide range of industry sectors such as; Industrial and commercial applications, water and wastewater industry, printing, OEM machine manufacturing, mining cement and aggregate, heating ventilation and air conditioning, lift and elevators, and many more.

Control Techniques Partner - Commander S

Control Techniques

AI 485 Adaptor Option Module for Commander C200 & C300 The AI 485 allows for programming via RS485....
Control Techniques Commander C200 3.0kW 415VAC Input AC Inverter   C200 3.0kW Installation Power Output: 3kW | 3HP Input: Three...
Remote Keypad for Commander C200 & C300 Remote mountable, intuitive plain text, multilingual LCD keypad for rapid set-up...
Control Techniques Commander C200 1.1kW 415VAC Input AC Inverter   C200 1.1kW Installation Power Output: 1.1kW | 1.5HP Input: Three...
Control Techniques Commander C200 5.5kW 415VAC Input AC Inverter   C200 5.5kW Installation Power Output: 5.5kW | 7.5HP Input: Three...
Remote Keypad - 82500000000001 Control Techniques Nidec remote keypad - suitable for use with Commander C200, Commander C300,...
22KW/30KW AC Inverter Drive 380/480VAC Three Phase (3PH) - Unidrive M700 - M700-06400470A Control Techniques Unidrive M700 22kW...
Control Techniques Commander C 0.75kW 230VAC Input AC Inverter - With Dual Safe Torque Off - C300-01200042 C300 0.75kW...
Control Techniques Commander C200 0.37kW 415VAC Input AC Inverter   C200 0.37kW Installation Power Output: 0.37kW | 0.5HP Input: Three...