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Application: Windmöller & Hölscher Extruder DC Drive Retro fit

Replacement Part: Parker SSD 591 Drive with necessary modifications to panel


The Siemens 6RA22 DC drive was becoming unreliable it was running a 55Kw DC motor on an old Windmoller extruder. The customer planned the machine to be stopped for one day, during the day we rewired the control and simplified to suit a brand new Parker SSD 591 DC drive. Part of this process involved taking the field failure circuit out and utilizing the on board field monitoring circuit. Also the motor thermister relay was removed and taken to the new dedicated thermister DC drive terminals. By this simplification it made future fault finding easier.

The DC shunt in the lower right of the new picture was retained as this drove the remote load panel meter. The new Parker SSD 591 drive was calibrated and commissioned to the new motor details.