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Replacement Drive: Parker 590+


A precision production facility producing aircraft engine parts had a GEC GEM drive SA501 that had failed and urgent restoration to production was required. The GEM drive was removed and in place a new 590+ Parker SSD DC drive was fitted. This fitted well into the available space due to the significant reduction in size. The DC motor was made by Brook Crompton (Bull) and had a base speed of 1750RPM but the field had weakened to 4600RPM. The performance and change in speed ranges needed to be very quick 0-4600RPM and 4600- 0RPM in roughly 3.5 seconds, this also had to allow for the field time, constant and PI gains set accurately in the on board Field controller to cope with the rapid speed change. If set incorrectly, the voltage spill over and cross over points would not be right, this may cause flash over and motor or drive damage.


The new spindle DC drive was commissioned carefully with the operator on hand to prove each operation. The old GEC GEM SA501 drive was kept by the customer as this generated some spare parts for his other machines.