Unimotor Servo Motor - Frame Size 75mm - 3 Phase - 200Vrms

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Unimotor - Brushless Servo Motor 200-240Vrms

Motor Frame Size 75mm

Speed - 2000rpm - 6000rpm (Select Above)

Control Techniques Unimotor series offer the solution to high-performance brushless AC servo motors that are required in demanding continuous duty applications.
The ‘fm’ stands for ‘flexible motor’. With various frame sizes and mounting positions, the Unimotor FM series is flexible to suit your requirements.

Servo Motor

Unimotor fm has an extensive range of feedback options that offer various levels of accuracy to fulfil every requirement. A few of the more common options include the resolver; for extreme application and conditions. The Incremental Encoder - for high accuracy, medium resolution. Inductive/capacitive SinCos/Absolute - medium accuracy, high resolution. There are many more options to achieve the correct setup for you.

Unimotor fm
fm unimotor
flexible motor

A few features of the unimotor fm servo motors are:

  • Torque range from 1.4Nm to 136Nm.
  • Vertical & 90º connector.
  • Variety of flanges (IEC/NEMA)
  • Keyed or Plain shaft diameters.
  • IP65 IP Protection.
  • Low inertia for high dynamic performance, high inertia option available.
  • Impeccable performance.
  • 230V & 400V Input Supply.
  • 1,000 - 6,000 rpm
  • High energy parking brakes.
  • The pre-designed compatibility with the Digitax ST and Unidrive M servo drives, these are the perfect companions for your servo motors.

The Control Techniques fm is ideal for retrofitting older Unimotors that need a refresh. All connector interface and mounting dimensions remain the same, so no extra hassle is involved. So if you plan to retrofit, go for unimotor fm.

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Unimotor Servo Motor - Frame Size 75mm - 3 Phase - 200Vrms