37kW - 90kW - 705v - Parker 890CD Series Common DC Bus VSD

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705v 890CD Series Common DC Bus Variable Speed Drive 37kW - 90kW

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The 890 Cd

Available in 3 power supply versions, the AC890CD common DC bus variable speed drive is designed to be fed via its common DC bus in conjunction with either an AC890CS power supply module or an AC890CA common bus adapter.

Parker 890CD

Download Manual Here

The manual can be downloaded here: AC890 Modular Systems Manual

Parker Product
Parker 890DC

Accessories and Options

NEW Format for 890 Drives

All 890's will now be shipped as bare Drives, no factory fitted modules or options will be available, you will need to order these and fit in whichever format you require before using your drive.

Parker Httl Card


With Power supplies up to 90kW these drives are suitable for use with all common 890 Series feedback and communication options. Alldrives include a USB programming port. If you require a higher power, please see the 890SD series which can be supplied by a DC bus.


Technical Specifications - 705v 890CD Series Common DC Bus Variable Speed Drive 37kW - 90kW

Electrical Characteristics

Operating Temperature 0 ºC to +45 ºC 
Storage Temperature -25 ºC to +55 ºC
Enclosure Rating

IP20 - UL (c-UL) Open Type (North America/Canada) Type 1 

Suitable for cubicle mount only 

Cubicle Installation

The 890 must be installed to EN60204 Standard in the cubicle. For USA, the cubicle shall meet the requirements of UL50. 

Humidity Maximum 85% relative humidity at 40 Degrees C non-condensing

The product has been tested to the following specification: 

Test Fc of EN60068-2-6 

10 Hz<=f<=57 Hz sinusoidal 0.075 mm amplitude 

57 Hz<=f<=150 Hz sinusoidal 1 g 

10 sweep cycles per axis on each of three mutually perpendicular axis

Atmosphere Non Flammable, non corrosive and dust free
EMC Compatibility CE Marked in accordance with 2004/108/EC


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37kW - 90kW - 705v - Parker 890CD Series Common DC Bus VSD