0.37kW Inverter 230VAC 1Ph - TECDrive

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0.37kW AC Input Inverter TECDRIVE 230VAC Single Phase - TEC-3-120023-1F12

Tec Drive 0.37kW 1 Ph

Power Output: 0.37kW | 0.5HP

Power Input: Single Phase 230VAC

Input Current: 2.3A

IP20 Open Chassis

Part Number: TEC-3-120023-1F12

Frame Size Dimensions


Weight(kg) Width Height Depth
- kg 83mm 173mm 123mm

TEC Inverter

Onboard Features

  • 3 x Digital I/O
  • 3 x Analog I/O
  • 1 x Relay I/O

TECDrive Features


TECDrive Inverters provide one of the most straightforward setup processes of any Inverter Drive. Directly connect the drive to your power supply and the motor you wish to control, and use the one button macro selection to get started; it’s that simple.

Why Choose a TEC Inverter Drive?

TECDrive Inverters have been designed with only 14 parameters, all of which can be accessed via the keypad on the front of the drive, allowing the user easy access to critical features. The built-in Macros allow an alternative setup method and rapid commissioning. The built-in Macros include Industrial, Fan and Pump modes.


TEC drive Keypad


Internal Category C1 EMC Filter. An internal filter in every TECDrive saves cost and time for installation. (Cat C1 according to EN61800-3:2004).

Inverter Kit

0.37kW TecDrive Inverter

TecDrive inverters have been designed to reduce installation time while increasing efficiency and productivity. With pre-configured parameters and macros, the 0.37kW TecDrive inverter is one of the most efficient motor controllers to purchase on the market. 

Reliable Inverter

Rapid Commissioning

The Optistick allows for rapid commissioning of multiple drives with the same parameter settings. It enables copying, backup and restores of drive settings. It also allows for Bluetooth interfacing from a PC running Optitools Studio. We also have IP66 Versions of the full TECDrive range available. Please call the office for details and prices.

Common Questions

Will this drive run from 230v Single Phase?

Yes, it will not run from a 230v supply.

Does that mean it will power a Single Phase motor?

No, the Inverter will only work with a 3 Phase motor, in Delta configuration.

Will the Inverter provide speed control?

Yes, it is set up as standard to provide speed control from the up and down arrows on the keypad. It can also be configured to use a Potentiometer. If you require stop, start, forward, reverse and a Pot, please see our Control Kits.

What is the difference between 'Filtered' and 'Unfiltered'?

The filtered drive will prevent mains spikes from affecting the drive. If you are using this in a non industrial environment where no external protection will be used, we recommend using the filtered variant.

Motor Connectivity

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0.37kW Inverter 230VAC 1Ph - TECDrive