Parker SSD 690PG 180kW 3Ph 115V AUX Supply| System Board Fitted Only

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NB: Please be aware that this product is now obsolete
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NB: Please be aware that this product is now obsolete

The 690-433361G1-00SP00-A400 AC drive is the base model, without communication options, with the following configuration:

  • Supply Voltage: 400/460VAC - 3 phase input
  • Current Rating and Size: 180kW / 361A Constant Torque Rating (180kW / 361A Quad) - Frame 'G'
  • Auxiliary Supply: 115V 1-Phase Auxiliary Supply Option Fitted
  • Brake Switch: No Brake Switch Fitted
  • Filter: No Filter Option Fitted
  • System Board: System Board Option Fitted
  • Mounting: Panel Mounted
  • Special: No Special Option
  • Destination: English (50Hz) Destination
  • Keypad: 6901 Keypad Option Fitted
  • Feedback: No Speed Feedback Option
  • Option: No Communications Option

This part is is exactly the same part as the SSD Drives / Eurotherm part number: 690PG/1800/400/0011/UK/0/0/0/SHTTL/0/115/0 . Parker changed the naming scheme after they acquired SSD Drives / Eurotherm. It may also be referred to by other brands (including RS, Newlec etc.) as 690PG-1800-400-0011-UK-0-0-0-SHTTL-0-115-0 .

There are several communication options available (see options below) which modify the base part number to:

690-433361G1-00SP00-A400 - No Communications Option
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40C - ControINet Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40D - DeviceNet Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40E - Ethernet Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40J - Johnson Metasys Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40L - Link Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40M - Modbus+ Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40N - CANopen Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40P - Profibus Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40R - RS485 (EEI Bisynch) Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40S - Siemens Apogee Communications
690-433361G1-00SP00-A40W - LonWorks Communications

For complete information on the AC690plus range, please visit our AC690plus family product guide. For exact specifications of this model, please see the specifications tab above.

The AC690plus series is a single range of AC drives designed to meet the requirements of all variable speed applications from simple single motor speed control through to the most sophisticated integrated multi-drive systems. The heart of the AC690plus is a highly advanced 32-bit microprocessor based motor control model. This provides an exceptional dynamic performance platform to which can be added a host of communications and control options, enabling you to tailor the drives to meet your exact requirements.

The AC690plus can be user configured for 3 different modes of operation :

Open-loop (volts/frequency) control - This mode is ideal for basic motor speed control, or multiple motors driven in parallel. The quick set-up menu and plain language display ensures the quickest and easiest, trouble free start up.

High starting torque and tight speed regulation is provided by a sophisticated MRAS (Model Reference Adaptive System) motor control strategy. MRAS provides accurate speed simulation (without the need for any speed measuring transducer) by continually modeling the motor.

Closed-loop vector control - Full closed-loop flux vector performance can be achieved with the AC690plus by simply adding an encoder feedback technology box.

  • This provides 100% continuous full load standstill torque plus a highly dynamic speed loop (up to 45 Hz bandwidth); more than sufficient for the most demanding of applications.
  • Pre-programmed application macros
  • Open standard fieldbus communications
  • Programming identical to DC590+ DC drive
  • Protection: IP 20 - IP40/NEMA 1 - IP54 - Through panel mounting
  • Class B EMC filters
  • Energy Saving (fast return on investment in pump and fan applications)
  • Line regenerative AFE units available
  • HVAC series available with line bypass

The AC690plus drives listed on this page meet the following standards when installed in accordance with the relevant product manual.

  • CE Marked to EN50178 (Safety, Low Voltage Directive)
  • CE Marked to EN61800-3 (EMC Directive)
  • UL Listed to US safety standard UL508C
  • cUL Listed to Canadian standard C22.2 #14


Literature for the 590+ range can be found on the downloads tab.


For module datasheets and more information on the AC690plus range, please visit our AC690plus family product guide

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Parker SSD 690PG 180kW 3Ph 115V AUX Supply| System Board Fitted Only