Parker 690 HTTL Encoder Feedback Card - 6054-HTTL-00

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Parker SSD HTTL Encoder Feedback Card Option 6054 HTTL 00 for AC690 allows incremental encoders to be connected directly to the motor controller to provide highly accurate speed feedback measurement.

Parker SSD HTTL Encoder Feedback Option Card Part Number is: 6054-HTTL-00
Manufacturer part number is: 6054-HTTL-00


Contains up to four optically isolated differential inputs on channels A, B, M and H
Decoding logic to interface the encoder to the microprocessor
Supplies variable voltage, isolated encoder power supply

Used On:
Suitable for use with Size C to K 690P drives only.
Not suitable for use with 690P series Inverters in frame size B.

For Frame Size B Use this HTTL Feedback Card Option LA467461

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Pulse Rate - 250kHz 250kHz
  • Receiver Current - ?10mA per channel
  • Input Format - Two channels in quadrature, clock/dir or clock only
  • Phase Displacement - >1?s >1?s
  • Input Voltage - 10 - 30V differential recommended, or single ended
  • Encoder Supply - Maximum load = 200mA or 2W, whichever is smaller. Voltage adjustable approximately 10-20V by firmware
  • Terminal Wire Size - (maximum) 16 AWG 16 AWG
  • Terminal Tightening - Torque 0.4Nm (3.5 pound-inches)


Download the Encoder Board manual from the link below:-

Parker SSD Drives 690PC to P and K Encoder Feedback Card Manual

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Parker 690 HTTL Encoder Feedback Card - 6054-HTTL-00