Digitax HD M751-01400015A10 0.37kW 480VAC 3PH

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Control Techniques M751 Digitax HD 0.37kW Standard Duty Three Phase 480VAC Inverter IP20

Option modules are available for Digitax HD Drives to increase functionality, these include:

Feedback Modules

  • SI-Universal Encoder - Encoder input and output interface supporting Quadrature, SinCos, EnDat, and SSI encoders.
  • SI-Encoder - Quadrature encoder input interface module.

I/O Modules

  • SI-I/O - Extended I/O interface module to increase the number of I/O analog and digital points on a drive.
Nidec M751

Digitax Feature Overview

  • Safety Compliant - With integrated dual STO inputs for SIL3/PLe, it is compliant with EN/IEC 61800-5-2.
  • Effortless Network Integration - Multiple SI communication options make integration with a wide range of industry standard fieldbuses and I/O.
  • Tailored To Every Application - The Digitax HD M751 has two option slots for functionality extentsion and customization.
  • Clear & Concise Commisioning - Easy to set up and change with concise parameters, clear step by step guides and a clear keypad. There is a remarkable ease of installation and commissioning for these drives which pushes the boundaries for ac inverter technology to maximise work done whilst maintaining a high level of energy conservation.


Standard Dimensions for the M751-014015A10 Servo Drive

Weight(kg) Width Height Depth
3.5kg 40mm 233mm 176mm

Reliable Operation

Adjustments to the M751 series are easily made with the keypad and clear step by step guides. The drives can be fitted side by side to reduce the amount of space lost and can be easily assembled to be fitted in or out of a cabinet. Control techniques are a Nidec brand.

  • 300% peak current performance.
  • Optimized control loops for high dynamic performance
  • Notch filter for supression of mechanical resonances

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Digitax HD M751-01400015A10 0.37kW 480VAC 3PH