Commander C300 3.0kW AC Inverter (STO) - 3 Phase Input

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Control Techniques Commander C 3.0kW 415VAC Input AC Inverter - With Dual Safe Torque Off

C300 3.0kW Installation

Power Output: 3.0kW | 3.0HP

Input: Three Phase 415VAC

IEC Fuse Class gG: 16A

MCB Rating: 15A

IEC60364-5-52 mm2: Input 1.5mm | Output 1mm

Frame Size 1 Dimensions


Weight(kg) Width Height Depth
1.5kg 90mm 226mm 160mm

What Is Safe Torque Off (STO)?

Safe Torque Off is a widespread and basic drive-integrated safety function. Its purpose is to stop a motor starting unintentionally by shutting off any torque-generating energy passed on to the motor; this function is monitored internally.

This safety function removes any chances of an unintentional startup which could power up the motor connected at any given time. This is compliant to standards in accordance to EN 61800-5-2.

As a result of the STO function, the drive cannot supply any torque-generating energy. This means the Commander C300 drives can be used wherever the drive needs to be brought to a standstill in a relatively short time; or in circumstances where the motors coasting down period is not relevant to safety, and any other application requiring STO. The C300 also has multiple uses with machines and systems that have moving axes, handling, and conveyor technology to list a few.

Some of the benefits the Commander C300 has due to an integrated STO include the elimination of separate modules that require extra serving, extra wires and more room for failure. The C300 also has a rapid electronic switching time, meaning that a separate module would be slower due to the electromagnetic components having a delay; all the more reason to go for the new Control Techniques developed Commander C300.

Commander C

C300 3.0kW SI I/O

  • 4 x Digital I/O
  • 3 x Analog inputs (default)/Digital Inputs
  • 1 x Digital input
  • 2 x Relays
Commander C

C300 3.0kW Onboard

  • 3 x Analog I/O
  • 5 x Digital I/O
  • 1 x Relay

Commander Inverter Common Features

  • Dual Safe Torque Off for added safety measures in accordance to EN 61800-5-2
  • Commander Drives are amongst the smallest in their class
  • Drives can be fitted side by side to save space

Easy motor pairing and performance control

  • Fixed boost by default for easy set-up
  • – Multi-motor control

  • V/Hz for advanced performance
  • - 100% torque available to 1Hz

    - Slip compensation

    - Square law V/F mode

    - Dynamic V/F mode

    - Auto tune (stationary and rotating)

  • Open Loop Vector
  • Enhanced Open Loop RFC
  • - Closed current loop for greater stability

    - Auto tuning (stationary and rotating)

Commander C

Commander Option Modules

Profibus Module



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Ethercat Module



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Ethernet Module



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DeviceNet Module



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ProfiNet Module



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AI-485 Module



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C200 App

Diagnostic Tool App

All Commander C300 Drives allow access to a simple diagnostic reading app. This allows for the fast resolution of faults and error code reading. The App also includes wiring diagrams for first time setup with links to comprehensive manuals. Available on IOS Android and Microsoft.

Machine Control Interface (MCI)

Machine Control Studio

For advanced applications the Machine Control Studio allows for higher end programming and flexibility of the COmmander drive and its onboard PLC. Utilising the onboard PLC saves on cost and also offers far quicker processing speeds than using a drive with an external PLC unit.



Connect is a drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimising and monitoring drive/system performance using windows environments. The Connect tool allows the user to optimise performance of the drive with minimal effort and knowledge.

Need help setting up your C300?

The Commander Series of drives include a QR code on the inside of the front cover which will quickly take you to Here you will find online setup manuals and quick start guides in PDF form and video.

C300 Set Up

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Commander C300 3.0kW AC Inverter (STO) - 3 Phase Input