Yaskawa GA500 Inverters

GA500 Industrial Microdrive

The Yaskawa GA500 is a new inverter designed for industrial applications with a vast number of features and massive flexibility built in. GA500 Drives are designed to be easily integrated into systems and machinery. Combining network support, application-focused features, and great customisability with unparalleled ease of use the GA500 minimises efforts to get your automation jobs done.

With various features embedded, this eliminates the need for additional modules or peripherals. This, along with the easy wiring feature and the smart functions which allow for basic setup completion within 5 minutes, reduces the cost of engineers on-site and the time until you get the machine up and running.

The drive covers all major motor types such as induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors, ensuring all types run at the best efficiency possible, reducing energy consumption. GA500 drives are made with reliability in mind. They are robust and feature high-end options usually reserved for costly drives — all designed to keep your production up longer.

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Safety Integrated


Built in Dual Channel STO (Safe Torque Off SIL3/PLe) the GA500 provides the right tools for easy integration of emergency stop functions into machines.

USB Port

GA500 Keypad

Connects to PC's or other mobile devices allowing you to monitor, programme or troubleshoot the GA500.

Temp Controlled Fans

GA500 Fans

Cooling fans run only when required. This reduces the chances of contamination from dust and other materials and prolongs service intervals.

Tactile Keypad

GA500 Keypad

With a bright LED display and tactile buttons, navigation is easy and intuitive. The removable keypad can be used for backup of parameters, or as a tool for copying them to a new drive.

Robust Design

The drive has been designed for use at altitudes up to 4000m and in temperatures of 60 degrees. The PCBs are coated, helping them to withstand dust and mist.

Embedded Brake Chopper

This helps handle regen while keeping the number of external parts to a bare minimum.


Built-in programming environment for customising drive functions and replacing external controllers.

24VDC Power Input For Controller

Simplify your wiring and keep your control system operational even during power outages or whilst the drive is in standby mode.

Common Menus

Menus and parameters are formatted and ordered in the same way as other Yaskawa drives. This reduces the time taken to familiarise yourself with the drive.

Coated PCB

Coated PCBs as standard protect the electronics from dust of the effects of humidity and ensure reliability even in harsh environments (IEC 60723-3-3, 3C2, 3S2).


Designed to be maintenance free for ten years means worry-free hassle-free operation is guaranteed.

24VDC Power For Sensors

Internal PSU delivers an extra 150mA for use with external sensors, thus negating the need for a separate power supply.

Accessible Mains Terminals

GA500 Keypad

Connect mains and motor cables in the shortest time without the need to remove any covers.

Screwless Terminals

GA500 Keypad

Easily create long-lasting reliable connections without any need to retighten.

Program Without Power

GA500 Keypad

The GA500 can be programmed without any power supply connected, even while the drive is still in the box. Simply plug the drive into one of your PC's USB ports or any other USB device and start enjoying commissioning.

Setup Wizard

GA500 Keypad

The setup wizard reduces the amount of time taken to set up the drive to a couple of minutes. It will guide you through the basic setup with some simple questions requiring no drive specific knowledge saving valuable time.


Up to five GA500 drives can be accessed through just one fieldbus option card, thus proving cost effective as a solution in a larger application.

Easy Network Integration

Support all major networking protocols:

  • DeviceNet
  • CC-Link
  • Ethernet Powerlink
  • CANopen
  • Profibus
  • Ethernet IP
  • Profinet
  • Ethercat
  • Modbus

Built-In Protocols Include

RS485 MEMOBUS / Modbus protocol

115.2 kbps communication speeds

GA500 Multiple


Drivewizard 10

DriveWizard® 10, enables easy configuration of GA500 drives. Its comprehensive monitoring functionality and built-in oscilloscope allow easy process optimization and rapid troubleshooting.

DriveworksEZ 10

DriveWorksEZ® is an icon-based, drag-and-drop graph- ical environment for adding programmable functions al- lowing the drive to be tailored for a variety of machine and application requirements without the cost of external controllers, such as PLCs or additional controller hard- ware options.

Drivewizard Mobile

DriveWizard mobile is the ultimate setup tool for GA500 drives. From simple parameter editing to the Setup Wizard with an 8 channel fully featured oscil- loscope, it provides all the tools needed for setup, monitoring, and process optimization.

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Built-In Options

The GA500 is available with or without embedded EMC filter. The only difference with this option is the depth of the unit; the footprint stays the same.

External Heatsink Option Easy External Back Heatsink Mounting When using the optional ring kit, there is the option to mount the heatsink for the drive externally on the cabinet. This reduces the size of cabinet required and also reduces the internal cooling requirements.
Internal Control Panel Mounting DIN Rail Standard DIN rail mount up to 4.0kW. Optional on drives above 4.0kW.
Compact Multi Drive Mounting Side by Side Mounting The GA500 can be mounted side-by-side with bottom entry wiring to reduce cabinet size.
Ul Fitting Options UL Type 1 Kit For installations that require UL type 1 compliance, the GA500 can simply be upgraded with a mechanical kit.