NH Centered Tag Fuses
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What Is a Bussmann NH Fuse?

The Bussmann range of NH Fuses are class leading. Providing amazing performance and reliable indication, both necessary for the demanding environments they are used in.

The Bussmann range is fully IEC 60269-1 and 2 compliant and are all sized according to the DIN 43620 specs.

Here at ACDC Drives we stock the full range of NH fuses and keep them on the shelf. If you require any specialist fuses that you cannot see listed on our site, please give us a call on 01905 887667 or drop us an email and we will source it for you from one of our many suppliers.

NH Fuse Type 1

Cartridge Fuse Type 2

Which type of NH Fuse do I need?

Before choosing the fuse link, please ensure you have the following parameters available:

Type of Application

For general applications or cable protection, the standard gG (general purpose) NH fuse link should be considered. For Motor protection applications, the aM (motor protection) NH fuse link should be considered. Motor Protection (aM) fuse links have partial range breaking ability and cannot clear low overload faults. They should only be applied to circuits also protected by a motor protection relay or where only high short-circuit faults could occur.

System Voltage

Bussmann’s NH fuse links are available in three voltage ratings, 400V, 500V and 690V. These are maximum voltage ratings and should not be used where the nominal system voltage could exceed the fuse link’s maximum rating.

Full Load Current

Bussmann’s NH fuse links are tested to carry full load current. The rated current of a fuse link should be equal or greater than the operational current of the circuit and equal or smaller than the continuous current carrying capacity of the conductor. The standard gG (general purpose) NH fuse link with a conventional fusing current of 1.6 times rated current will give assured cable protection against the effects of overcurrents.

Non-fault overload currents (motor inrush currents)

Possible fault conditions and maximum short-circuit current

Can a NH Fuse be used in a DC application?

Bussmann’s NH fuse links can be used on DC applications. In all cases the fuse links can be used at half of their AC rating with a time constant of no more than 10mS. The time constant is the rate of rise of fault current and should be as close to a 50Hz AC half cycle as possible.

Bussmann Fuse Holder

NH Centered Tag Fuse Sizes:

With sizes from Size 000 to Size 4, the NH series fuse are available for all applications. Please click on the link below to view the dimensions for the range.