Fuse Holders
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What Is a Fuse Holder?

A Fuse Holder is an enclosure into which a fuse can be inserted. They usually feature a way of simply mounting a Fuse carrier in a panel, or to a surface to make it easier to access and change fuses when required. They are available in many different sizes and forms, depending on the type of fuse you will be using.

What Does The IP Rating Mean On A Fuse Holder?

An IP Protection rating of IP2X simply means that fingers cannot reach the internals of the carrier or the fuse contained therein.

Cartridge Fuse Holders

Which Types Of Fuse Holder Are Available?

Cartridge Fuse Holders

We sell all types of Fuse Holder, but list the main ones here on our shop.

These include:

  • Cartridge Fuse Holders - For Cartridge Fuses
  • NH Type Fuse Holders - For NH Centered Tag Fuses
  • DIN Rail Mounted - Used in sets and allow fuse holders to be mounted inside panels

We can supply any type of fuse carrier, if you do not see the type you require, please email or call us and we will send you a quote.

Why Do Fuse Holders Need To Be Replaced?

The fuse holder itself rarely fails, but if fuses are replaced frequently the moving parts may wear. If you do have a fuse blow, the contacts can get damaged, if these cannot be cleaned properly, it is sometimes wise to replace the holder. In the case where contacts are not clean, there may be an issue with overheating, this can damage the fuse holder itself and lead to further problems.

Cartridge Fuse Type 2

Why Do You Only Sell Selected Fuse Holders?

We only sell the products we use personally. There are many other brands that are great, but as we use stock for our systems too, these are the ones we feel confident in the quality and longevity of.