ABB Inverter Drives
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ABB Inverter Drives

ABB Inverter drives are market-leading products, built with efficiency and performance at the forefront of the design process. When it comes to industrial automation, every little thing counts toward being more competitive. ABB drives are built for flexibility, making it possible for you to optimise your drive application, making it more reliable for less downtime.

ABB specialises in five different fields:

  • Power products - ABB is the worlds largest supplier of transformers.
  • Power Systems - their HVDC technology has been spread across the globe.
  • Discrete Automation and Motion - ABB is the worlds largest supplier of industrial electric motors and drives.
  • Low Voltage Products - Over 1 million products are shipped every day.
  • Process Automation
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ABB Product Ranges

ABB AC Drives

ABB Low Voltage AC

ABB's low voltage AC drive are made to improve energy efficiency and cut maintenance costs.

These drives have all the essential features already built-in without using multiple modules to achieve the flexibility you require. Motor control is made to be scalable and flexible for every circumstance.

ABB DC Drives

With multiple DC drives to choose from, ABB drives are easily integrated into your machine designs, making retrofitting easier than ever. With variants including Safe Torque Off, cabinet built drives, and thyristor power controllers, there is a solution to every automation process.

ABB DC Drives

ABB Softstarters

With many softstarters to choose from, the most advanced option is the PSTX softstarter, with full control and motor protection built-in. There are two other softstarters for general purpose and small motor applications.

ABB Sofstarters

ABB Drives

ABB General Purpose AC Drives

ABB manufacture a general purpose ac drive series to maximise control and energy saving. With plug and play motor control these drives are convenient, fast to set-up and simple to use. ABB general purpose drives will easily match your requirements whilst providing reliability and efficiency.


  • All drives have every essential feature, simplifying drive selection, installation and use.
  • Easy to navigate user interface for rapid commissioning.
  • Built-in energy efficiency features to save energy; lowering the run cost.

ABB Micro Drives

Micro drives make room for even the smallest motors, allowing them to benefit from the dependability, reliability and performance of ABB's drive technology. With precise speed control, these drives can be conveniently implemented into your business. Despite the size, micro drives pack a big punch for your small motors.


  • Easy integration into machines with flexible mounting points; the compact design saves space.
  • Simple, easy user interfaces and tools.
  • Each drive is tested vigorously before it leaves the factory meaning you can be confident when you set-up your compact drive.

ABB Machinery Drives

When designing a machine or automation system, you design them to work precisely to your customers expectations. Therefore, advanced control and design flexibility with your motor is essential. The drives that meet and even exceed your automation requirements are ABB's machinery drives. They feature direct torque control (DTC) to give a highly accurate motor control.


  • Flexible hardware and programming for an optimal solution.
  • ABB Machinery drives are compatible with a wide range of motors and automation systems.
  • Ready-to-go control programs for plug and play abilities.
  • Direct Torque Control (DTC) for highly accurate, sensorless motor control.

Need Assistance Working Out Which Drive You Require?

If you need specialist components or just a hand to work out which drive would suit what you need then give us a call on 01905 887 667. Our staff are available during office hours and will be happy to help you with any questions.