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TEC FCNDK Gearboxes

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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)

TEC FCNDK Worm Gearboxes

These units have been designed based on the modular format system. All types of IEC motors can be fitted. They are heavily customisable. All sizes in this range, apart from size 150, are supplied filled with synthetic long-life oil grade ISO VG 320. Housings for sizes 25-90 are aluminium, sizes 110-150 are cast iron.

Due to the number of options available, we understand that assistance may be required in sourcing the correct part. Please call us if you require on 01905 887 667, and we will be more than happy to help.

FCNDK Motor Gearbox Combinations

We can supply Motor Gearboxes prebuilt to suit almost any application. If you require an FCNDK Gearbox with a motor fitted, and specific output speed, please contact us using the 'Send Us An Email' link, or call the sales office on 01905 887 677. 

Motor Gearbox

FCNDK Dimensions

Each individual product listing contains the dimensional info pertaining to that gearbox. Please click in the item, and see the images, or scroll down to the downloads section to view the technical pdf.

Motor Gearbox Dimensions

What sizes and Ratios are available?

FCNDK gearboxes are available in the following ratios:

FCNDK Gearbox (Worm Gear)
FCNDK257.5:1 - 50:1
7.5:1 - 80:1
7.5:1 -100:1
7.5:1 -100:1
7.5:1 -100:1
7.5:1 -100:1
7.5:1 -100:1
7.5:1 -100:1
7.5:1 -100:1
7.5:1 -100:1

If these ratios do not suit your application, we can also supply Pre Stage gearboxes, which will effectively act as a multiplier for the gearbox and increase the number of ratios available.

FCNDK Gearbox Accessories

We can supply a full range of accessories for the FCNDK range, these include:

Gearbox FCNDK Accessories

  • Torque Arm
  • Output flanges for IEC compatible motors
  • Single or Double Output Shafts
  • Output shaft reducing sleeves
  • Combination Kits
  • Pre-Stage Kits

Why Buy FCNDK from ACDC Drives?

We use FCNDK gearboxes in our systems daily, our product knowledge is first hand. If you require any help with Right Angled Gearboxes call our sales team today by phone on 01905 887 667.

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