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Varvel Gearboxes

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Gearboxes - Varvel Range

Varvel takes pride in the fact that they offer a modular format gearbox. These are available in what they refer to as 'kit form' allowing you to spec a gearbox exactly to your requirements. 

Available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and ratios, and even in ATEX rating in some series, these gearboxes are both priced well and suited to industrial demands. Due to the huge numbers of options, we ask that you call to spec these after browsing the range here on the site.

Trio of Motor Gearboxes

What is a Geared Motor or Motor Gearbox?

'Geared motor' or 'Motor Gearbox' refers to a combination of a motor plus a reduction gear train. These are often conveniently packaged together in one unit. The gear reduction (gear train) reduces the speed of the motor, with a corresponding increase in torque. Gear ratios range from just a few (e.g. 3) to huge (e.g. 500). A small ratio can be accomplished with a single gear pair, while a large ratio requires a series of gear reduction steps and thus more gears. There are a lot of different kinds of gear reduction.

Can you help me to Spec my Gearbox?

We are more than happy to help you spec the correct gearbox. We just need a few basic parameters from you if possible? Please fill in this form with as much information as possible, and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.

Click on the Image below to be taken to the gearbox form online:

Link to Form

Why Buy from ACDC Drives?

We have extensive knowledge of geared motor applications as we service machinery and design systems that utilise them every day. Our team have years of experience, so we are well qualified to help. With a huge range, from some of the worlds most popular manufacturers, we will definitely have something to suit your application or price point.  Call our sales team today by phone on 01905 887 667.

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