0.75kW 4 Pole IE2 3 Phase B5 Motor - Aluminium - Universal Motors

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Universal Motors - 0.75kW 4 Pole 3 Phase Motor - B5 Mount

The Aluminium frame electric motors are made to be light and robust while maintaining a modern design. All the mounting options are available; these aluminium universal motors are an IE2 efficiency which ensures that when you purchase this motor, you are guaranteed total reliability, maximum productivity and extreme robustness.

Universal Motors is a well established, recognised and respected brand in the UK and across Europe. Over the years, Universal Motors has become synonymous with quality and reliability at very competitive prices.

Universal Motors Features:

  • 3 Phase 0.75kW Motor
  • 1410 rpm in 50 Hz
  • IEC 80 Frame
  • IP55 (IEC 60034-5)
  • IE2 Efficiency
  • Class F Insulation
  • Class B Temperature Rise
  • Continuous duty: S1
Universal Motor

0.75kW 3 Phase Motor Features

Cast Iron End Plates

All Universal Motors feature cast iron end plates; this ensures that the bearings have a much more rigid surface to work against which reduces the wear of the bearings, resulting in a longer lasting motor and increased reliability.

High-Quality Sealed Bearings

All Universal Motors are fitted with sealed for life deep groove bearings; these bearings doubled with the cast iron end plates result in a very robust design made to last.

Metal Fan Cowl

All the aluminium and cast iron range of motors feature a metal fan cowl instead of a plastic fan cowl. The steel fan cowls are far more durable and sturdier for a higher degree of protection.

Should I choose IE2 or IE3 efficiency motor?

See information on the efficiency standards in this infographic on our blog:

Why Choose an IE3 Motor?

Motor Dimensions

All Universal Motors have multi-mount terminal boxes resulting in a far higher degree of flexibility and adaptability.

Weight(kg) Width Height Length Shaft Size
12.5kg 160mm 217mm 278mm 19mm

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0.75kW 4 Pole IE2 3 Phase B5 Motor - Aluminium - Universal Motors