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Industrial Encoders & Tacho Generators

Motor Tacho Generators and Encoders

What is an Encoder?

An encoder is an electromechanical device that provides an electrical signal that is used for speed and/or position control. Encoders turn mechanical motion into an electrical signal that is used by the control system to monitor specific parameters of the application and make adjustments if necessary to maintain the machine operating as desired. The parameters monitored are determined by the type of application and can include speed, distance, RPM, position among others. Applications that utilize encoders or other sensors to control specific parameters are often referred to as closed-loop feedback or closed-loop control systems.

What is a Tacho Generator?

A Tacho measures RPM or revolutions on a shaft or from a motor. This is a very simple and reliable device nut does not supply any positional information from the application. Speed is measured by calculating the amount of time elapsed per revolution. 

Please call us on 01905 887 667 if you require assistance speccing a Tacho or Encoder for your application. We can supply these in AC or DC and hold a good level of stock.

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