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Sprint SLE DC Drives

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Showing 1 to 4 of 4 (1 Pages)

Sprint SLE DC Drives

A drive designed specifically for straightforward cost effective control of single direction DC motors up to 106 Amps. The Sprint SLE drive offers you reliability and performance when controlling simple dc motor applications -- ideal if you are an OEM or machine builder.

The size of the Sprint SLE drives can benefit you with additional savings and easy integration within new designs or trouble free installation when retrofitting.

Details & Features

Why use a Sprint SLE Series Inverter?


The Sprint SL drive series have multiple outstanding features including: Torque control input for basic winding or tension control, with overspeed limiting. Numerous alarms for enhanced drive and motor protection; configurable field bridge for easy motor field voltage matching; zero reference interlock facility, ideal for extruder applications. Multiple inputs and outputs, S ramp facility.

Multiple PL

Simple but Powerful


The SLE drive has been specifically designed at a cost and size to benefit OEMs without any compromise in specification, reliability or performance.

Configurable & Intelligent

The motor and drive are protected by a stall timer which automatically removes power after 30 seconds if the required speed cannot be achieved. The drives will provide up to 150% of the preset maximum current for up to 30 seconds allowing high short term torques during acceleration or other changes in load. lndependant control of either the current or speed loops by external inputs allows torque or speed control applications with overspeed or overcurrent protection. The demand signal may be derived from a potentiometer, 0-1 0V signal or 4-20mA loop. The speed feedback signal may be selected to be the ARMATURE VOLTAGE or a shaft mounted TACHOMETER.

IP Rating

Energy Efficient


The 4Q models improve your energy efficiency by regenerating energy into the mains supply whilst under braking. The energy invested accelerating the load mass is recovered when braking. No dissipation of energy in wasteful braking resistors.

Other features include: 2 and 4 Quadrant versions available. Available from 5KW to 145KW Extra 50% peak torque for rapid acceleration or shock loads, zero reference interlock facility ideal for extruder applications, numerous alarms for enhanced drive and motor protection, torque control input for basic winding or tension control, with overspeed limiting. Output signals for easy display of motor speed and load.

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