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Inverters - IP66 Rated

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Showing 1 to 24 of 39 (2 Pages)

What is an IP66 Rated Inverter?

The abbreviation 'IP' stands for Ingress Protection. When used with Electronic equipment it is a rating given when an item conforms to the British Standard EN60529 or the European IEC equivalent IEC 60509 which was authorised in 1989.

These ratings are given to define the effectiveness of sealing of equipment or enclosures to the ingress of foreign materials or liquids. These vary in sizes, from tools or fingers, down to dust particles.

IP Protection

What do IP Ratings Measure?

There are three significant factors measured with the IP scale:

Ingress protection for the user, accidental or other

Ingress protection from foreign substances to the equipment (dust, dirt, tools etc.)

Ingress protection against water or moisture

The IP ratings are usually made up of two digits the most common on our site being IP20 or IP66; this is the most common format.

Dirty IP Environments

How To Read IP Ratings

First Digit

The first digit will be a number between 0 and 6. This first digit indicates the level of ingress protection from solid objects; this is for both the user and the equipment itself. The higher the numerical value, the smaller the object allowed into the equipment.

IP Digit 1

Second Digit

The second digit in the IP rating is usually a number between 0 and 9. This number directly relates to the level of moisture ingress protection. The higher the number, the higher the level of protection. This will be anything from a jet of water to condensation.

IP Digit 2
IP Ratings Chart

Inverter IP Ratings - What to consider

Due to the increased risk when using electrical equipment in environments where either moisture or people are present, it is wise to consider the options available to make sure the correct inverter is selected.

With inverters, less apparent factors need considering, such as condensation, steam, chemical vapours, and also how easy the inverter is to reach and regularly clean, therefore considering the ingress of dust and other particles.

IP Rated Inverters - What are the options?

The main options when selecting the inverter consist of a ready-built IP66 inverter, which will come in its own premanufactured housing; usually a variation of the standard inverter model it is based upon but with better seals and gland for cable entry. Most of the models we supply are of this variety; this means full manufacturers warranty is offered on the complete solution.

The second option is to buy a standard inverter with a lower IP rating and then use a control panel enclosure rated at the preferred IP rating to protect the inverter. Using this method allows you to include relays, PLC's and other components in the enclosure. The panel as a whole is rated to the IP of the enclosure. This option provides more flexibility but also usually costs more pro-rata and is considerably larger than the pre-built offerings.

Why Buy IP66 Rated Inverters From ACDC Drives?

We can supply either the pre-manufactured type discussed above, or put a standard drive inside an enclosure for you. We stock, Tecdrive IP66 Rated inverters, Yaskawa IP66 Rated Inverters and Parkers AC10 which is an amazingly priced fully enclosed option. If you require any further help or have questions regarding inverter IP ratings, please contact us and we will be happy to advise.


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